Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pulekha Launched

I am extremely delightful and excited to lauch my first "proper" blog site PULEKHA. For those who don't know what Pulekha is, it is a Punjabi word (also pronounced as Bhulekha) meaning "Mistake", "Omission", "Aberrance" or "Misunderstanding". But let me tell you that the word Pulekha or its meaning has nothing to do with the content of this site. This is a blog about all the things related to the telecom sector in Pakistan like things happening in Pakistani telecom sector, mobile companies, how mobile companies fool their customers, SMS, SMS packages, call rates and call rate comparisons, etc. The word Pulekha seemed catchy to me that's why I chose it as my blog title. :P

I hope that some people will get offended with the views expressed in Pulekha due to bold nature of the views. So, if you feel like getting offended with this blog, please feel free to shout at me in the form of your feedback at pulekha@gmail.com.

Thank you.

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