Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zong "Balance Chhoo Mantar" Package.

Zong proudly presents its brand new package, the "Balance Chhoo Mantar" package. Now with the help of this package, Zong can deprive you of your precious mobile credit within seconds. Mobile companies introduce packages for the benefit of their subscribers but Zong, being a 'trend setter', introdeced a credit eating facility. This may sound a bit exaggerated so here is the explanation. Zong has different sms packages to offer, one of those is Weekly sms bundle with whatever name they call it. When you activate it, they give you 1000 SMSs for 7 days and deduct Rs. 10 + tax. This package is reactivated automatically at the end of the 7 days period, provided you have sufficient balance.
But here comes the twist in the tale. Package comes to an end at 12AM but the self-activated package for next 7 days does not start at 12AM (as it is supposed to start at 12AM). They activate it after an hour or so and they expect you not to send SMS during that one hour period (What a shame!). So if you start texting right after 12AM, your SMSs will be charged at normal rate, i.e, 75 paisa + tax (around 90 paisa including tax). Suppose if you send 30 to 35 SMSs in that period, thinking that you have the SMS package, you will be charged around 30 rupees for your SMSs. This fraudulent policy is not mentioned or written anywhere.
Unknowingly I have been a victim of this unfair policy, losing around 46 rupees. I contacted their defective helpline several times but it was of no use. Then as a last resort I went to their customer care office and a guy at the office assured me that I'll be given my money back. A week passed and there was no refund. I went there once again and the same guy told me that I was not supposed to text between 12AM to 1AM at the night when package self-activates itself. I preferred not to argue over that illogical "Do-not-text-between-12-to-1" scheme and thought of writing this blog to warn others of this "Chhoo Mantar Package".

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